Track Record

drapeaux_photoshop11. General Professional Experience in Litigation and Arbitration

My professional experience with major international and business law firms specialized in litigation includes:

  • Commercial litigation and arbitration related to foreign jurisdictions including the US, Great Britain and several other European countries
  • Litigation concerning claims for damages resulting from international white collar crime (capital market related, tax related)
  • Capital market disputes
  • Litigation and arbitration concerning major development and construction projects (power plant, nuclear-medical facility, chemical plant, software development)
  • Litigation regarding compensatory claims arising from a trade tax group
  • Litigation concerning compliance violations
  • Counseling on questions of conflict-of-law and civil procedure in several domestic and international arbitration proceedings

IMG_03092. Professional Experience before the Federal Supreme Court

 As an associate of a lawyer at the Federal Supreme Court, I worked on approximately 280 appeals on points of law before the Federal Supreme Court. Following my admission to the Bar of the Federal Supreme Court in October 2013, I have handled proceedings within the jurisdictions of all Civil Divisions of the Federal Supreme Court. My focus is on commercial disputes, corporate disputes and disputes related to foreign jurisdictions and/or arbitration proceedings.

In particular:

  • Disputes regarding recognition and declaration of enforceability of international judgments
  • Disputes regarding arbitration proceedings including recognition or declaration of enforceability of arbitral awards
  • Disputes arising from development and construction projects
  • Disputes arising from major real estate projects and from major commercial leases
  • Disputes arising from capital investments
  • Corporate law disputes
  • Disputes regarding trade marks
  • Disputes arising from insolvency proceedings, representation of insolvency trustees
  • Disputes involving European and German antitrust law